What do Kare Plus Master Franchise opportunities cost?

The cost per territory is determined by a number of variables, however as this is the opportunity to build large, profitable businesses the buy-in is significant.

Speak to us today about costs and funding options for your territory of interest.

Do I need any specific qualifications?

As a Kare Plus Master Franchisee you will be running a large and lucrative business so we require all of our candidates to have a solid business background. However we do not ask for any specific academic or career qualifications beyond good business experience and a mind for growth.

What if the territory I am interested in isn't on your website?

We try and list a wide variety of territories on our website, but we can’t fit them all. If you have a particular territory in mind then get in touch with us to discuss.

Do I need to take the whole territory?

Some territories are so big or feature such varied demographics that we are happy to consider splitting a territory in some cases.

Can I acquire more than one territory?

In theory yes, although we will always work with you to ensure that you are not taking on more than can safely be managed.

Do I need to be living in the territory I am interested in?

Not always, in many cases it depends on the local laws around business ownership and whether or not you intend to appoint others to run the business for you. Speak to us today for more information on appointing a management team to a franchise.