Come and join the Kare Plus International Family and become a Master Franchiser…

A leading Care Company seeks forward-thinking and exceptional leaders to drive its well-known franchised care model internationally.

 Kare Plus is a prominent care franchise with a national reach that offers a multi revenue model, where our Franchise Partners can choose recruiting and supplying nurses to care establishments and care staff into a range of settings as well as supplying personal care into a people’s own homes.

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry and over 100 franchises across Western Europe and the UAE. Kare Plus is poised to revolutionise the global marketplace with its unique dual-model service offering.

Our franchise is unique in its ability to provide care in the homes of our customers and in a range of residential settings such as hospitals and care homes. This dual-revenue model grants our franchise owners the ability to build a service that fits the demand in their territory. Offering both flexibility and stability, a core benefit in our continued effort to develop deals for both prospective Master Franchisors and Area Developers in a time of ever-growing demand.

Developed in Great Britain, Made Great Globally.

Kare Plus has already seen great success with its international expansion. With existing offices in Norway, Ireland, Poland and the UAE, Kare Plus is looking for individuals that want to drive the Kare Plus model to new global territories as Master Franchisors.Kare Plus International Founder and CEO Tom Roe says of the opportunity:
“A Kare Plus Master Franchise Opportunity represents the decades of work we have invested in developing an industry leading care franchise model.

Our background has always been focused on quality, safety and compliance and we have aligned ourselves to the standards set by the British care sector, the NHS and our national franchising regulators which is known worldwide for it’s quality and outstanding reputation.
Now that our multi-income stream model is seeing success internationally, we continue to work with local and national specialists to ensure that our territories are built to meet the needs of local regulation, governments and relevant third parties.”

The Opportunity

Kare Plus is looking for experienced candidates who are proven leaders, to drive the franchise forward in the Global Marketplace. Master franchise owners will be at the forefront of developing Kare Plus in their chosen country or region, which includes owning and awarding Kare Plus franchises in their country or region.

Master Franchise opportunities provide entrepreneurs with the chance to not only drive the Kare Plus franchise forward, but to become a leader in the care industry and build their own success and legacy by adapting a proven and successful model into markets and territories.

Part of what sets Kare Plus apart from other care providers and recruiters is that we offer a model built around multiple revenue streams. This means that where other franchisors and care providers will set you up with a business, we will support you to grow and adapt to your local market by utilising our hands-on experience and dedicated International Master Franchise Support Team.

 The Healthcare Market

 Kare Plus have a reputation as expert specialists in both Clinical and Non-Clinical care, covering most of the needs of the healthcare marketing.Despite the varied nature of the needs for each unique region or country, there are several common threads that can be found throughout the care industry. The world global population is aging at a rapid rate thanks to advances in modern medicine.

The UN predicts that the population of those aged 60 and over will reach 3.2 billion by the end of this century, a 255% on current global numbers.

As people live longer on a global basis, the conditions and illnesses associated with old age are also likely to increase, causing the demand for care to grow further. Therefore, private healthcare providers can help alleviate the demand on public healthcare by providing affordable alternative for those customers that wish to stay in their own home, rather than going into nursing or care homes.

Kare Plus services aren’t limited to just elderly care however, we are able to offer expertise to support a new Master Franchisor to tailor the services they offer entirely around local demand and legislation. 

How will Kare Plus help? 

With almost 30 years in the industry, a proven franchise model and an International Support Team of passionate and experienced individuals, Kare Plus has all the tools to support you on your journey as a Master Franchise owner based on our extensive experience with best practice in the UK.

Comprehensive training is provided at all stages of your development and will support you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to start your Kare Plus success story.

We seek to award our Master Franchise opportunities to applicants who have a passion for providing quality service, who are driven by ambition and who have the business experience and acumen to grow a rewarding business and build their legacy with Kare Plus.

We ensure every business owner is supported, and with either of our franchise models you will be provided with key support tailored to your personal requirements.