Kare Plus has 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector in the UK. This strong pedigree of success in the industry means we are in prime position to spread the Kare Plus ethos globally.
The Kare Plus model goes beyond homecare, we offer multiple revenue streams for our franchises which makes us more attractive than the competition.
The ‘british brand’ of healthcare has world wide recognition as representing the best of British Values; Compassion, Dignity and Respect. Because our business is based on these values, we are in a unique position to export these ideals globally.


We offer many exciting opportunities for franchisees outside of United Kingdom. With more than 90 plus franchise territories that are established as a proven concept that works.

Every franchisee is given access to our infrastructure advice, comprehensive Training & Support, Business Planning Advice, Bespoke IT systems and Operations System, Marketing.


Master franchisees own a country or development area and operate them directly. These franchisees purchase a right to operate Kare Plus and to sell on sub-franchises, providing a national or regional Head Quarters and support office.

Area Developers purchase rights from Kare Plus International to operate as the sole franchisee in an international region. These Developers may choose to operate some or all of the Kare Plus offices in their region, or sell territories to individual franchisees and perform support and administrative functions for the franchisees.

$8.7 trillion

Total Global Healthcare spend by 2020

656 million

People over 65 years of age worldwide


Global Healthcare spend as a representation of GDP


Increase in global health spend by 2019

The Global Healthcare Market

The issue of cost on the global healthcare system is at the core of the many concerns — demographic, financial, operational, innovation, and regulation impacts greatly on the global healthcare sector.  Government organisations are also looking beyond their traditional health care models for innovative ways to manage and deliver care in a more effective manner.

The rise of communication technology has enabled the world to become more connected, peoples’ awareness and understanding to developments in healthcare are also increasing and raising expectations worldwide.

In anticipation, the Kare Plus model has been designed specifically to compliantly meet the rapidly changing nursing, medical and healthcare needs of Governments, establishments and individuals in both a financial and innovative capacity. 


Morten Venemyr
“For a long time, we have been looking for a good business opportunity in health care. The market is growing and there is a need for good private suppliers now and in the future. When we saw Kare Plus and learned more about their business model, we found out that this would be a unique opportunity for us.

They have a good operating and management system, the possibility of multiple cash flows, quality control systems delivering more than our public authorities demand, and last but not least, a very good corporate culture.

Kare Plus is really a company that knows to focus its employees, good training and close follow-up.

We have now been with Kare Plus for almost a year and experience that there are real good opportunities here.”


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